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Retired applied science researcher with academic training in Bible exegesis, Semitic language of Antiquity, and Classical Archeology who has written a critical essay of the Church's official interpretation of the Gospels.

Readers’ Comments

The book ''Jesus, Son of God or rabble-rouser'' is the result of a concise, rational and focused research exercise. I now use it as ''the reference'' to assess the credibility of what is said, written or broadcast of Jesus and the Gospels.

- Gaëtan L.

Since I have read ''Jesus, Son of God or rabble-rouser'' I, as a believer and a regular church attendant Christian ask myself : who, between the author and the Sunday preachers has more credibility when it comes to an intelligent interpretation of the Gospel? The answer is always the author of the book.

- Dennis L.

The reading of ''Jesus, Son of God or rabble-rouser'' was one of the most profound and gratifying intellectual experience I ever had!

- Georges R.

Of all books I have read of Jesus or the Bible. I must admit that ''Jesus, Son of God or rabble-rouser'' is the most ''scientific'' because of its' innovative, original and groundbreaking methods of research. I did appreciate the conference as well as the book itself. Thank you!

- Louis F.

It is the most extraordinary and revealing book I've ever read.

- Antoine C.

''Jesus, Son of God or rabble-rouser'' forces us to open our mind and accept to be challenged.

- Michel J.

The author talks to us as if were having a friendly dinner conversation.

- Roch L.

''Jesus, Son of God or rabble-rouser'' is ''incredibly'' credible.

- Francois S.